Fire Supression Systems

Fire Suppression System Avoids damage and loss than the fire itself.

A fire suppression system is a managed collection of parts, built to extinguish fires with the help of the application of a particular substance. Most usually, fire suppression system has built-in elements that identify fires at the initial stages through heat, smoke, and other alert signals. By using water only, you can’t extinguish every fire. We want to tell you that water often causes more damage than fire does itself. This is the main reason to regulate the fire extinguishing tool during a fire accident. Thus, it becomes a critical part of the fire-fighting system design.


HFC has designed an unique hazard suppression systems for over 30 years. We have the most suitable solutions for guarding specific resources such as artwork, data storage rooms, retail cooking operations, and ignitable industrial hazards to ensure zero downtime to your business process and zero damage to your property or assets.


Our qualified technicians are ready 24/7 to recharge your fire extinguishers to ensure regulatory compliance and operation, whether immediately following each use, on a regular basis throughout their life, or when depressurization occurs.